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Metis Beach!

This is all about
The Naked Truth,
Probing Viewpoints,

and changing
Country Lifestyles.


Table of Contents

  1. Harbour Seals at Metis, by Dr. Mike Hammill.
  2. Leggatt's Point Wildlife. by Diana Diener.
  3. The Seigniory of Metis, 1675 - 1854, by Ken Annett.
  4. The Amanda wrecked at Little Metis Point, October, 1841.
  5. New Age Presbyterians, eh?, by G. R. Bossé.
  6. Leggatt's Point Graveyard: A Pandora's Box! by G. R. Bossé.
  7. List of Birds of Metis, by Jim Houghton.
  8. 8n Ford Tractor, Serial No. 247637 for Sale.
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G.R. Bossé©1998.

Posted May 5th, 1999.

Updated August 1st, 2002.