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New Age Presbyterians, eh?
      A well-bronzed gentleman arrived one warm, sunny mid-May afternoon, parked his car in front of the Presbyterian Church here at Leggatt's Point, strapping a pack-sack over his shoulders, stepped over the fence behind the church, and disappeared down toward the beach. He appeared the next day, going through the same motions. By the third day, we were somewhat perplexed on his strange going-ons, and walked down the fishery road and along the beach over to the Point.

   Although it was still mid-May, this gentleman was lying on the ground on a blanket, just a few feet from the new and narrow west-end graveyard gate, covered up to his torso. We quietly continued around the Point, considering he was an altogether legitimate sun-bather.

   However, within a few weeks, several persons living on the Point mentioned they had seen him completely in the nude. The Presbyterian church managers were advised in June, as they have the exclusive control and responsibility of Church property on the Point, but, to our surprise, no visible action was taken.

   This morning, just before the church bell started to chime, I asked one of the managers to step outside for a moment. I mentioned that since all the managers were present, a emergency managers meeting could be called, and a solution brought to the fore on this matter. To my surprise, all I got was a "nothing we can do" alibi.

   Since nothing appeared eminent in correcting this unusual situation, I requested the minister permission to alert our members to this singular depravity.

   In relation to Christian morals, ethics and the issue of public security in such a situation, the inaction of the Leggatt's Point Presbyterian Church elders and managers is lamentable. The magnitude of the situation is not being observed for its potential misfortunes.

   We, as the residents of Leggatt's Point, can call the Sûreté du Québec, but as we have no mandate or responsibility of the land held by the Church, the police will tell us their hands are tied. Must we wait until Leggatt's Point has turned into a nudist colony, with dozens of their stripe traipsing over the graves of our parents and ancestors, before we act?

   One resident of the Point suggests that the managers should reinstall the "Terrain Privé" and "Defense de Passer" signs which they took down a few years ago, to be able to be in a position to prosecute trespassers.

   If this problem is not resolved soon, we may open the doors to potential situations of danger to our summer visitors, including their children and grandchildren, plus the permenant residents and other unsuspecting visitors of the Point.

   Please act now, before the situation gets out of hand. Call the moderator of the Leggatt's Point Presbyterian Church, call the session clerk, call the managers, the elders, the visiting minister... Please act now before it's too late.

   What has happened to our once stoiac, up-right, God-fearing Presbyterians
and their Christian values?
Perhaps you have the answer?

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Message to Leggatt's Point Presbyterian Church

    Gilbert R. Bossé,
          July, 1999.

  • Since I haven't been back to church in ages, I don't know the current attitude of the members, elders or managers of the Leggatt's Point Presbyterian Church on this matter.
       Unfortuanately, the situation remains static as of June 12th, 1999. Since you've read down this far, I'll give you a few telephone numbers of the elders, managers, co-moderators, visiting ministers, who you might contact.
    • Leggett's Point Manse. (418) 936-3970
    • Donald Campbell, Session clerk. (418) 775-4834
    • Joan Craig, Elder. (418) 775-5417
    • Evlyn Annett, Manager. (418) 775-3181
    • Clifford Craig, Manager. (418) 775-8825
    • Stewart Craig, Manager. (418) 775-8825
    • Bobby Craig, Manager. (418) 775-8825
    • Ross Davidson, Co-moderator. (418) 334-0587
    • Blake Walker, Co-moderator. (819) 346-9211

    G.R. Bossé©1999.

    Posted June 12th, 1999.

    Updated: August 21st, 2002.


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