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Message to
Leggatt's Point Presbyterian Church
it's members, visitors and others.
  Dear Friends in Christ,

   With the introduction of television in the early 1950's, our moral, social and religions customs and values experienced a significant shift. Rather than fighting towards preserving the existing social fabric of our community, we lodged ourselves in front of the TV, allowing programs of violence, immorality, and corruption to replace our current set of values and frame of references.

    Historically, our Church has always been a center of spiritual and moral guidance. As you know, the influence of many churches, particularly in the western world, has declined markedly over the last 50 years. Unfortunately, the Leggatt's Point Presbyterian Church has followed this trend. Because of internal "laissez-faire" attitudes and inactivity towards our Church, insidious organizations are progressively taking over control of its property. With the decrease in membership, attendance and interest in religion generally and church activities in particular, these groups are given free and unfettered use of the property to exchange or sell their products and wares.

   For some unknown reason, the Church authorites (chosen by the Lord to take care and administer His Edifice), allow total strangers with no connection with the Church whatsoever, whose intentions are questionable at best, to pass over, circulating and use the property for their personal interests, without the least restraint or limitation. Questionable illicit activities such as nudism, masturbation in front of young women, and other more Machiavellian acts seems to be quite acceptable to our church authorities.

   In certain societies, the sacred grounds of their ancestors are protected against these depravities, even to the point where guards are used, displaying a very considerable respect for those departed. Unfortunately, in the Leggatt's Point Presbyterian Church cemetery, no such respect exists. These strangers walk with their pet dogs over the graves of our beloved, who relieve themselves against the closest gravestone, without a worry, without a care. Due to an uncontrolled access, these strangers put up tents, endanger the surroundings with their uncontrolled camp fires, pass the night, and on leaving, enrich us with their garbage and excrement.

   Rather than radiate an aura of peaceful spiritual and moral security, our church has created it own victims due to its inactivity and indifference. I am exaggerating, you think? Take our neighbour, an example among others, whose tent-trailer was stolen within the shadows of the Church. The perpetrators had only to park on the wide-open, unattended and uncontrolled Church property, observing quietly what could be easily take away the moment the surroundings neighbours were sleeping or absent. Remember, Jesus drove out the vendors and money-changers and overturned the tables (John 2:15). Why is nothing being done?

   The original mandate and charter of our Church was intended to promote our moral and spiritual values, to be a place of peace, of prayer, of meditation. It was definitely not intended to be a 24 hours toll-free public parking lot, nor a thoroughfare to the beach for every Tom, Dick and Harry to tramp over the graves of our beloved, or an area to sell and/or exchange illicite products and services. Our administrators know about the problem, resolving the problem needs only a little imagination and will-power.

   Christian folk, you who so kindly bestow your time and talent on such a worthy cause, do you know if your generosity is being used to preserve and maintain our religious heritage, or, on the contrary, are you contributing directly towards the extinction of the church, what it represents, its moral and spiritual values? Your action is the potential that will preserve the peace, the calm and the continuity of Leggatt's Point Presbyterian Church.


G. R. Bossť & Lise DeschÍnes,    at:
    Metis Beach, QC.,
    August 5th, 2002.

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G.R. Bossť©2002.

Posted: August 5th, 2002.

Updated: September 7th, 2002.

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