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Cascading Style Sheets according to Vikki.

Week 2.

1. Embedded style is also known as document-level style sheets.

2. Embedded style is placed within the tags of an HTML document, exactly the same as the META tags, title, etc.

3. A comment tag is set between the style tags to allow non-compatable browsers to ignore CSS commands while allowing CSS-compatable browsers to function normally.

4. Using EM instead a fixed font-size like 10pt or 12pt allows the user to view screen content in their regular font size. Otherwise, they would be forced to view screen content as dictated by the author.

5. Embedded style sheets are placed in the section of a document while linked style sheets are created on a seperate document saved as a .css file.

6. False. A linked style sheet only has style commands.

7. Copy & paste a copy of the linked style sheet in our message to the board.

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