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Week 6 of Vikki's CSS Class.

Your FINAL assignment for this class will be to create a page that uses a combination of inline, embedded, and linked style. I'd like to see:

1. an inline style that over-rides a rule that was set in embedded or linked style.
2. an embedded style that over-rides a rule that was set in a linked style sheet
(not the same one used in #1).
3. at least one each of a class selector, combined selector, and contextual selector.
4. correct usage of the span element in at least one spot on your page.
5. list styles (be sure that if you nest lists, you're using well formed HTML).
6. a background-image that is repeated on either the x or y axis.
7. a "box" using the div element (more than one box is allowed) -your choice of background and color but the box must have padding and border properties.
8. uneven margins in one element.

1. This is an inline style that was over-riden a rule that was set in the linked style.

2. An embedded style sheet that was over-ridden by a linked style rule, which evidently didn't work, and I don't know why.

3b. Combining selectors

3c. Contextual selectors

4. An example of using "Span"

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