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Doodling with Week Five.

Margins of 2 em declared.

Trinity House Icon

Margins of 2 em declared.

This may look ok in ie5.5, doesn't want to center in ns4.79.


Relative position works in ie, but ns doesn't like the setup at all.
I tried the suggestion you gave to Brad, but doesn't seem to solve the problem.


This was a try on positioning absolute and relative, which works relatively well on IE, but Netscape, who invented CSS, doesn't look at it the same way at all.

This site was designed using CSS. If you are seeing this paragraph, your browser is not CSS-Aware. These pages should still be readable.

Vikki's probing questions!

1. How do you set a different margin for all sides of an element?
P { margin: 10px 15px 10px 12px 18px; }

2. True or false? Margins collapse when then have adjacent vertical margin.
True. (However, I don't believe I grasp the concept.)

3. What will happen if you use a hanging indent without margins or padding?
Without a margin or padding, the first few letters or words may be lost, making the sentence or question meaningless.

4. True or false? If you accident define two different rules for the same element in the same stylesheet, whether linked or embedded, the one closest to the top page will win.
False, unless the first rule has a higher specificity, e.g., !important.

5. What does Cascade mean?
Generally, style attributes closest to the bottom of the style sheet have more influence than those further towards the top of the sheet, with the exception of !important, which has the highest specificity.

6. What does the !important attribute do?
Rules which use the !important attribute have higher priority regardless where it is situated on the sheet.

7. Explain what {display:inline;} and display:block; mean. How could you use these to your advantage?
As inline elements don't force a new line, {Display:inline;} would allow you to use block level element that doesn't force a new line, since you declared it an inline element and not a block-level element.

{display:block} can be used where all images and statements start on a new line.

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