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Vikki's Week 4 Quiz on CSS .

1. What is the default for background-color

"Transparent" is the default for background-color when it works, but don't take it for granted it'll work in all cases.

2. True or false? A background-image can only be used for the body of your page.

False. Background images and images can be used with many selectors, not just body.

3. Which of the following is the correct syntax for back-ground image in embedded or linked style?

Second line. <background-image: url(graphics/wk4bg.jpg);>

4. True or false? Padding can only be added in equal amounts on each side of your box.

False. In theory, you can apply padding differently on all four sides. In practice, Netscape 4.x ignores it unless you include a border.

5. True or false? Border style are universal in all the major browsers.

Conditionally true. Some border-style values don't work in both IE and NN.

6. When grouping selectors, it's a good idea to group p, td, etc. with the body selector if using a background-image. Why or why not?

It isn't a good habit to groud body rules with others when the body rule contains a background-image. Netscape 4.x doesn't interpret the rules correctly, and will try to put a new copy of the background-image behind each tag, resulting in unexpected results.