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LVS Week 3 Quiz on CSS by Vikki.

1. What is the difference between div and span tags?

1a. Div tags are block level elements used to define the style (or alignment) of a division or section of the page while the span tag is an inline (or text level) element to apply style to a small section of the page, i.e., a letter, word or line.

2. Show an example of a class selector. How would the rule appear in your style document and how would you use it in your HTML code?

2a. .answer
.answer{color: #330000}
<p class="answer">Answer to Question 2a.</div>

3. What is the flag character for the ID selector?
3a. #

4. True or False. A combined selector will work in all element? Your reason?

4a. False, since a combined selector will only work if they were the right type and right class.

5. True or False. Line height properties can only be used with inline style?

5a. False, as it can be used in a block level element using a class.

6. True or False: The span tag is used to create style for a whole section of your page? Explain.

6a. False. The span tag is an inline element used for smaller sections, i.e.; a letter, word, part of line or entire line.

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